How to Use This Site
(as mentioned in the video above)

Consider the following questions, to learn if you would you benefit from spending time here:

Do you feel frustrated when looking at your computer or Smart Phone, not knowing where to start?
Do you find the choices overwhelming?

Would you like to know how to:

  • organize your email – so can easily find important ones you’ve saved
  • take and send photos easily – how to size, then attach, them for easy sending and receiving
  • connect with the people on the phone
    via text – for quick answers to info questions and more
    conference calls – gather family and friends who can’t meet in person
  • use free services to communicate – on phone lines, Skype
  • manage finances simply – easily keep records
  • understand the power and usage of Facebook – find old friends, keep up with important events, get inspired
  • easily get important information on the web, accessing it anytime on an iPhone or other SmartPhone
  • use Skype for face-to-face visits with your grandchildren, no matter what their age, including when they are away at college
  • and so much more.

Technology for Seniors Made Easy is the right place to find the answers. Simplify your life and FINALLY enter the Electronic Age with ease.

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