Didn’t Need It and I Love My iPhone

Have you been thinking about an iPhone or other SmartPhone for yourself?

Not much of a cell phone user (only for emergencies) I made the leap to the iPhone almost 2 years ago.  I had been admiring the daily postings of iPhone photos enhanced with “apps” (applications) that Dewitt Jones, a world-renowned photographer, was doing.  I began yearning to “play” also.

Ironically, a month before I purchased the iPhone I had a conversation with my phone company representative requesting that text messaging be cancelled on my phone.  I wasn’t using it and I was being charged for unwanted texts that I had been receiving. Continue reading

Eliminate the Fear – Have Fun Using Your Computer and Other Electronic Devices

This site has evolved out of my experience of working with friends who are seniors, as well as others, who have a fear of doing something wrong on the computer. Often a sense of overwhelm at all the choices blocks them from taking action.

Having had the same fear myself when I finally started using the computer many years ago, I can understand. Even today, after 20 plus years, 12 of them with websites, I still cringe many times when I am introduced to a new program or a new piece of equipment. I still fear doing something wrong and “messing up” or losing existing work on the computer.

My curiosity and desire to discover new things wins out and I experience the fun and excitement of new learning.  I also know that there are “rewards” on the other side, even as simple as having fun or making new connections.

Recently there was a contestant on the TV show SHARK TANK who was looking for investors in his program for online classes to teach computer programs to Seniors age 50 and over. His proposal was denied by each of the panel members. Continue reading