How to Video Chat on Facebook

If you have a built-in camera in your computer or a webcam, you can Video Chat on Facebook. They can see and hear you and vice-versa.  There are two different ways you can open Video Chat.

Before this happens, you will need to have done a one-time download of the CHAT. Once you click on CALL, if your Friend has not done so with someone else, he/she will receive a message to download software.  See the end of this post for pictures of what that process will look like.

In order to initiate the Video Chat, the person with whom you want to chat must have their Facebook page open.  Then when you are on any of your pages go to the bottom of the page.  On the lower right you’ll see CHAT.

Facebook page pinting to Chat

Click on CHAT. A partial list of your Friends will open.  Anyone who has  a green dot to the right of their name is presumably on Facebook at the time you are looking at the list. Of course it is possible that they have walked away from their computer leaving the page open. Continue reading

Face-to-Face Communicating on the Web

Skype on the iPhone while Video Chatting on the Computer on Facebook Chat

Our current technology is making it easier and easier for almost, in-person contact though thousands of miles might separate us. Skype, a software application, has the options for three different kinds of communication:  typed chatting, voice and video.

“Grandparents on Skpe: Video Chatting Redefines Family Time” by Johnny Diaz, a recent article in the Sun Sentinel spells this out.  I’ve heard stories of toddlers pointing to the computer calling it “Grandmom” because that’s where they see her. Continue reading

How I Learned About Features on My iPhone

In my experience, when it comes to learning about a new piece of equipment, there are two types of people. The ones who simply jump in and start using, or putting together, their new purchase, often reading the instructions after the fact.  Then there are those who methodically read every page, sometimes going through the whole manual before starting to use their purchase.

I fall into the first category, always in a hurry to get started.  In a way, it would seem to be even easier to be this way today, since so much of our equipments does not come with manuals. They are usually available online.

Given I was upgrading from an AT&T phone, I purchased my iPhone directly in an AT&T store. The salesperson transferred my phone numbers and gave me a basic overview of using the phone. At least I thought it was basic. I got caught up in watching this tall, broad-shouldered man with big hands, quickly using the keypad, typing with two thumbs.  He assured me that within two weeks I would be typing with ease. That was over 1 1/2 years ago.  I’ve yet to type quickly and accurately, touching the “keys” on the “keyboard.”

Despite still be awkward typing, I love my iPhone for the number of things I can do spontaneously, with almost instant gratification. This includes taking and emailing photographs, videoing and even editing down clips to under a minute for email; recording instructions someone may be giving me or an in-person interview, as well as voice reminders/memos. Continue reading

Didn’t Need It and I Love My iPhone

Have you been thinking about an iPhone or other SmartPhone for yourself?

Not much of a cell phone user (only for emergencies) I made the leap to the iPhone almost 2 years ago.  I had been admiring the daily postings of iPhone photos enhanced with “apps” (applications) that Dewitt Jones, a world-renowned photographer, was doing.  I began yearning to “play” also.

Ironically, a month before I purchased the iPhone I had a conversation with my phone company representative requesting that text messaging be cancelled on my phone.  I wasn’t using it and I was being charged for unwanted texts that I had been receiving. Continue reading

Eliminate the Fear – Have Fun Using Your Computer and Other Electronic Devices

This site has evolved out of my experience of working with friends who are seniors, as well as others, who have a fear of doing something wrong on the computer. Often a sense of overwhelm at all the choices blocks them from taking action.

Having had the same fear myself when I finally started using the computer many years ago, I can understand. Even today, after 20 plus years, 12 of them with websites, I still cringe many times when I am introduced to a new program or a new piece of equipment. I still fear doing something wrong and “messing up” or losing existing work on the computer.

My curiosity and desire to discover new things wins out and I experience the fun and excitement of new learning.  I also know that there are “rewards” on the other side, even as simple as having fun or making new connections.

Recently there was a contestant on the TV show SHARK TANK who was looking for investors in his program for online classes to teach computer programs to Seniors age 50 and over. His proposal was denied by each of the panel members. Continue reading