Swipe Controls – Using the new Apple iOS7 for iPads and iPhones

I recently purchased an iPad.  Very happy with it and in the interest of staying current, I immediately uploaded the new iOS7 as soon as the option for it showed up on my iPad.  I hadn’t really paid any attention to the buzz and announcements on what was coming up so I didn’t know what to expect. I immediately attempted using the iPad with the familiar tapping actions and it wasn’t working. Lots of frustration set in.

(To watch, click on arrow on the far left  below the video.)

My exploration for answers, as well as questions others were having, led to this blog post. The answers were so simple!! With the previous operations, “tapping” is the action that causes results. With iOS7 it is “swiping“.  This post addresses a few of the most used activities on our devices and the actions for managing them.

In the above video on “How to Use iOS7 on the iPad” you’ll see the ease of the “swiping” motions that I discuss. Below you’ll see individual explanations.

1 – CLOSING OPEN PROGRAMS – To extend your battery life,  be sure to regularly close applications you are not using.  In the earlier systems, double clicking on the home button brings up all your open programs in a row at the bottom of your device. Tapping on one  brings up minus signs in the upper left corner of each icon.  A single tap on that mark closes the program/window. Apple iOS 7.0 Home Page on iPad Continue reading

Adding or Changing Your Profile About Information in Facebook

One of my new habits is checking Facebook for information on friends from whom I have not heard in a while. It seems that more and more frequently people are posting their challenges and ills, as well as a small celebrations.

So when I checked with a friend, querying information I had seen in her profile, she wrote me back that she had unsuccessfully attempted making changes.  For her, and anyone else with similar challenges, below are the step-by-step visuals for how to edit your information on Facebook. You can actually get at the pages you want to change from either your Profile page or the Home page.

On the Profile Page, click on either “Update Info” or “About”

Updating Information from Facebook Profile pageOnce in the About page, click on Edit in any of the sections you want to change.


You can also get to the editing from your Home Page

facebook-home-edit1When in your About Page, go to the section you want to be edited.

Click on Edit. Then make the Changes you wish in the boxes that open.  Be sure to Save Changes.

facebook-education-edit1   facebook-work-changes2

Have fun making your updates. Please share in the comments here, your experience of this post. Also what is it you most like about Facebook?  Please leave your responses in the “Reply …” box below

Protecting Pictures of Grandchildren and Children – Hide Locations in Smart Phones

Protect the privacy of your grandchildren and anyone else whose photos you upload online. I was recently shocked when I learned how fully hackers are able to track locations of people from pictures posted on the Internet.

If you are interested in privacy and security, the following NBCActionNews video is a “must-watch.” I’m not sure if there is much difference in the relevant technology since this interview was uploaded in November 2010. At the time, the officer interviewed called this “hidden threat” “today’s biggest risk online.”

Watch it and you will see that locations of bedrooms, schools, where the children hangout, and much more, were all trackable Continue reading

Use Google to Make Phone Calls from Gmail and Hangouts

The latest exciting Internet discovery, for me, is that you can make phone calls from your computers when in Gmail on the web. You can call land line and mobile phone numbers, as well as conference call lines. It’s as simple as clicking on a phone icon when logged into Gmail on the computer.

Google and Gmail Log In

You can call to, or from, anywhere in the US or Canada at no charge for the call. Continue reading

Downloadable Audio Books – Using Your Public Library from Home

Palm Beach County Library ServicesThis past week I once again ventured into new territory for me. I wanted to talk about technology and library  services so, of course, I had to try them myself. How glad I was that I did!

I had a 4 1/2 hour road trip scheduled, so it was a good opportunity to try something new. In the past, I would have gone to the library to check out one or more books on CDs. It makes the trip more enjoyable, for me, and time passes much more quickly as I drive when listening to a good story on CDs. This time, Continue reading

Recording Birthdays in iPhone Contact Book and Calendar

 If you’d like to listen to the instructions, as well as read them, click on the arrow. To PAUSE, click on the two parallel vertical lines. Click again to resume listening.

Continuing from the last post “How to Add Birthdays in Your Address Book and to iCal on the Mac“, adding birthdays to your Contact List in the iPhone is quite simple.

1 – Select the Contacts icon from your Home Page. Tap to Open.

iphone-home-page-contacts-500h Continue reading

Add Birthdays in Address Book and iCal Calendar on Mac Computer

I love when people ask questions of Technology for Seniors Made Easy. It’s the best way for me to learn new information or review that which I already know.

This morning I was asked how to make note of birthdays in the calendar in the Mac computer and iPhone.  If set up to do so, they will pick up in both when your iPhone gets synchronized with your computer and vice-versa.

There are two ways birthdays can be added, either through your address book or directly in the calendar. Continue reading

Audio Recording Loved One’s Voices and Messages Preserved for Future Memories

Click on the arrow to listen to a reading of the content below. To hear the section with the replay of an interview, click on the double parallel lines to pause the recording. Then drag the bar to 2:58 and click the arrow again.  You will hear Morgine questioning and my answers.

In two recent posts, I mentioned regretting not having the tangible voice of my beloved, late-husband Sam, for remembering the sound of him, as well as messages he might have liked me to have. I stated that I would show simple ways that you can record audio messages, conversations and interviews. Below I cover using telephone, conference lines and Evernote.

Be sure to scroll through to the end of this post to read two other examples of possibilities for recording different kinds of memories.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please keep in mind that if you are going to be recording any kind of conversation with another person, state up front, as the recording is started, that it is being recorded. Then get that person’s permission for you to be so doing. If he or she says “No”, then discontinue.

1- Using a telephone bridge/conference lineContinue reading

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac Mail Programs

In recent Technology for Seniors Made Easy blog posts, I’ve shared frequently used keyboard and mouse shortcuts. As I have become more accustomed to using them, I’m finding,
at times, that they are much quicker and more efficient to use than my mouse.

If we’re already on the keyboard typing, why not simply click 2 or 3 keys, rather than reaching over for the mouse and then going up to the menu across the top of whatever the program is in which we are working.

Following are the email shortcuts I have been using most regularly now. They apply only to Windows and Mac Mail programs.  If you are going to the web for your mail, i.e. in Continue reading