For Participants in Technology for Seniors Made Easy

Instructions for Joining Your Class

If you are a registered participant in one of my courses will be receiving either a direct email invitation, as shown below, to join a a meeting, or you will get an email with the "join meeting" link and meeting i.d.

As you you can see from the e-mail invitation below you can join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. If you have access to a computer, I suggest that you join the meeting from that so that you can easily be checking out or trying new things on your other devices as we talk.

In the email you receive, there will be a direct link to join the meeting. The participant ID is also shown separately. You will need that if you choose to select the "Join Meeting" option.

Or, you can conference in by phone and be heard by everyone in the meeting as well as hear them.

When you click on "join a conference" on any of your devices, for the first time only, you will be asked to download the ZOOM application. It is amongst the quickest, easiest downloads I, and anyone with whom I tested this, have experienced. Simply click, or tap, "Yes" if asked for permission.

When you "Join the Meeting" you will see a window which will show both you (if you have a camera on your computer or device) and other participants, who are in the meeting. There will be a phone icon for those who have phoned in, or an image, if you've deselected being seen by video.

To access CONTROLS, put your mouse (on computer) or finger (on other devices) in the center of the window.

As you see on the computer the controls are on the bottom, on the iPad they are on the top, on the iPhone on the side. (I assume it's similar in PC's and Androids.)

If you do not wish to be seen, click/tap the video camera in the tool bar. If you are in a noisy environment, or do not wish to be heard, tap the Audio/mic icon. Do the reverse to be seen or heard.

If you are using a computer, CHECK YOUR SETTINGS, as soon as you come into the meeting or better yet test it out before you even come in.

Click/Tap on the Settings control in the tool bar
. A window, as seen below, will appear. Clicking Audios will bring up the window seen below. There you can test both your speaker and microphone.

The Audio Check controls are not on the iPad or iPhone. If it gets noisy, or you hear feedback, lower the sound control on your device, as low as possible.

zoom settings controls

You can choose whom you wish to see enlarged on your screen. Simply click or tap their image in the control panel.

As dialogue is going on, you can choose to be viewing the video of the person speaking either in small size or full screen.



You can Screen Share with any of your devices.

On the computer, clicking Screen Share will bring up a window showing all your open pages. Simply click on the one you want to share. On other devices you will get a drop down with choices to Share Photos, Share from Dropbox, share Web or share from Bookmark.

You can also CHAT. On your Mobile Device tap on "Participants." A window (Upper right on the mobile device) will open with a list of all of the participants. You can select one, or "Chat with All".

On your computers the option is in the menu bar on the bottom of your screen.

I look forward to your participation in a meeting with me and other classmates.

Sheila Finkelstein

PS - If you wish to set-up and run your own Zoom meetings at no charge, see my full tutorial - How to Use Zoom.