Technology for Communication – Connecting with and Making Friends Worldwide

Keeping up with family and friends AND MAKING new friends, is one of the major reasons I love the Internet and being able to use it and all the devices available to us.  This video, using, is an example of what’s possible.

Several years ago, through groups found online and connected via email and phone only, I made quite a few friends with whom I still interact today.  I especially love the app because it allows more direct contact and visual sharing of our own persona and photos and information from our computers, iphones, android, iPads, other tablets and even a phone only.

Periodically I offer free Q&A Mondays, from 11 AM to Noon US Eastern time, on all the ways you can use Zoom to enrich your personal life and business life.  One of the things I did in preparation for this is a video showing the various Zoom controls to Morgine Jurdan.  Morgine is one of my friends whom I met online about 8 years ago.  She lives across the country from me. We thus find Zoom a fun and easy way to connect.

To schedule a Free Q&A Monday visit, email me at with Zoom Q&A Monday in the Subject Line.

See Evolving Seniors for details on how to join in.

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