Time Management Tools on the iPhone and the Web

Do you ever wonder, like I often do, “Where did the time go?”…. “How much time did I spend on…. ?”

toggl home page screen shot
I recently was introduced to Toggl,  can be used for simple tracking of tasks for yourself:

“What are you Working on Now”, and then timing it with the built-in timer or adding, or adjusting, the start and end times manually, if I forgot to start or stop the time.  It’s very easy to go in and make changes to the times.

You can be listing multiple projects and then run reports.  If in
business you can also be tracking “billable hours” as well as more
in-depth tracking.

And, while I’m writing about tracking….

Several people recently have talked/written about how much more
they are accomplishing by using a timer, allotting specified amounts
of time for particular projects or activities.

Old-fashioned TimerThere are the “traditional” timers you’ve most likely used in the
past… the “kitchen timer”… a dial one that you set to number of minutes you want to count down from.

Then, in later years and
currently, a timer you can set with your microwave or oven (even if
not cooking).

Given I generally address “computer/internet” tech tips here, I’ll add my past and current favorites for setting time notifications. Prior to my iPhone, I used “Class Timer” for timed writing prompts and other activities in my office when near my computer. I just discovered a link on that page to a variety of other timers, including a “Chess Timer” – See http://www.timeme.com/

Timer on the iPhone

My most favorite now is the timer on the iPhone. You can select, and change at any time, the ringtones you’d like to hear at the end. Fun!





iPhone Alarm - onThen, whenever I need to be using an alarm clock, it’s my iPhone I choose! Prior to my iPhone it was my cell phone that I mainly used.  One of the most frustrating things for me when I first got my iPhone was not being able to find the alarm feature!

No longer do I use a radio clock, or any other standard clock …. I simply set my trusty phone, usually placing it on my dresser across the room, ensuring I’ll easily get out of bed.

Not to be left out, as I mentioned above, even if you are not an iPhone user, as you most likely know, the “alarm clock” is an integral part of any basic cell phone. It doesn’t have to be a “smart phone.”


iPhone World ClockLastly, while I’m talking iPhone clocks, let’s not forget the World Clock.

How often I’ve been tempted to the Web to check the time out for a cousin who lives in India, or search for where I noted down the time difference somewhere in my computer.

Same thing with a friend in England.  Then I REMEMBER.  “Oh, yes.  I do not have to go any further than the built-in Clock app on the iPhone and iPad!”





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