Use Google to Make Phone Calls from Gmail and Hangouts

The latest exciting Internet discovery, for me, is that you can make phone calls from your computers when in Gmail on the web. You can call land line and mobile phone numbers, as well as conference call lines. It’s as simple as clicking on a phone icon when logged into Gmail on the computer.

Google and Gmail Log In

You can call to, or from, anywhere in the US or Canada at no charge for the call.

You do need to have a built-in microphone in your computer, or a headset, if you want to be heard on the other end by your friend or family member. Those on their phones will come in loud and clear for you on your computer, so long as your volume is turned on.


Gmail Menu Showing Phone Icon

Go to and log in. When done, click on the Gmail link along the top, under the url line.

(See How to Set up a Gmail Address, if you do not yet have one.)

When you are on your Gmail page, glance down the menu on the left side of the page.  Next to your photo, if you’ve uploaded one, or the blank image icon, you’ll see video camera icons and a phone receiver. The video cameras are for setting up Hangouts. (See end of this post.)


Google Phone Keypad
To make a phone call, simply click on the phone icon. (See previous image.) A numeric key pad comes up in the lower right section of the window.

Then tap in the digits of the phone number of the person or company you want reach. After the phone number is entered, tap “Call.”

If your family members, or friends, are ones who use Caller ID to screen calls, you might want to inform them in advance that they could be receiving calls from you that say “Unknown” along with a phone number.

Have fun and, if it’s a first for you, enjoy this new way of connecting

If you are not yet aware of them, Google Hangouts are one of the ways we can communicate face-to-face on the Web. Up to 10 people can be in a video “gathering.” This is a great way for family members and friends living in several different locations to be joining together for a visit.

One of the Hangout examples on this blog is that of Kelly Ripa and several others interviewing Michelle Obama on her commitment to children, nutrition and exercise. See Whitehouse Fireside Hangout with Kelly Ripa and Michelle Obama.

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To continuing joyful connections.

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