Didn’t Need It and I Love My iPhone

Have you been thinking about an iPhone or other SmartPhone for yourself?

Not much of a cell phone user (only for emergencies) I made the leap to the iPhone almost 2 years ago.  I had been admiring the daily postings of iPhone photos enhanced with “apps” (applications) that Dewitt Jones, a world-renowned photographer, was doing.  I began yearning to “play” also.

Ironically, a month before I purchased the iPhone I had a conversation with my phone company representative requesting that text messaging be cancelled on my phone.  I wasn’t using it and I was being charged for unwanted texts that I had been receiving.

Before cancelling it, the representative spent a few minutes telling me how invaluable texting was. I must have sounded like a senior citizen, since he, who also sounded like a senior, was somewhat patronizing in his tone.  He went on to tell me how much I would appreciate being able to get closer to  my grandchildren since “that’s the way they communicate these days”.  I was firm and we completed the cancellation of the text option to my cell phone service.

I then went on to question him about the iPhone and different phone service (“data plan”) costs if I were to ever get one.  Imagine his surprise to get these questions from me and then to be directed to one of several of my websites.  Remember, he had been talking to me as if I were not up on what’s going on in today’s communication technology.

With the facts that I got from the rep then I was able to comfortably make the decision to purchase my iPhone. Now I wouldn’t be without it.  In addition to its being the creative tool I wanted it has offered me so much more.

Instant, on-the-spot, access to information no matter where I am and much more.

I recently heard of one senior who got so frustrated, he threw is iPhone on the floor and trashed it.

That’s certainly not necessary. In my experience the manufacturer and the Apple customer service technicians they provide have been great.  It is my goal in this series to help you navigate with them and/or EZily put in place that basics that will make it work for you with fun and ease.

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