How to Take iPhone Self-Portraits and Videos – Maintaining Eye Contact


I’ve been assuming you know how to direct the iPhone lens to flip and face you when you want to take a self-portrait or self-video AND that may not have been a fair assumption. I’ve also assumed that you know how to video on the iPhone.  In fact, both assumptions could be wrong, especially since this site is designed for “newbies.”

So, if you are one who needs this, following are the 4 steps illustrated in the image above:

  1. There is a tiny button here. When tapped, it will slide from the camera image to the video icon or back, if already there.
  2. The camera icon that’s on the top right every time you open the camera. Tap it once to reverse direction so the lens sees you.
  3. The little red record button.  Tap to record and tap again to stop.  As you’re recording the time will be noted in a bar on the top right of your screen.
  4. To be most effective, make sure to keep your eyes directed here toward the camera lens.

Sometimes I forget to go back in Camera mode. The same may happen to you.  So as a quick check:

  • When you’re in video mode there will be a red button bottom center.  Put the slider back on the camera icon and
  • When you’re in camera mode the camera icon will be showing bottom center.

The tendency when we are photographing ourselves is to look at the image on the screen, especially when we are talking.  More than likely, as we go along, we want to check our appearance, making sure we are looking good.

In the process we’ve lost direct contact with our audience. Thus, until it becomes habit, make a concerted effort to keep your eyes focused left, if you are photographing horizontally. If you are holding the camera vertically, keep your eyes focused on the top of the camera.

Have fun and may your audience have fun with you.

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