Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad and iPhone – Android too

Do you find yourself regularly typing certain addresses, phrases and the like? on your computer or any of the other mobile devices?

Recently when working with an 81 year old client on her iPad I remembered the possibility of using Keyboard Shortcuts. Shirley, my client, had never learned to type. How much easier it would be if she could simply type in few letters that, when you type, will instantly type in the whole statement, email address, anything you choose.

For instance typing “sas” now brings up her email address! After setting her up, I went back to my own devices and made easier-to-remember shortcuts for myself to replace those I had not been using.

The following instructions demo the iPad/iPhone shortcuts.  Click or tap on Android Shortcuts for other devices.

Back to iPad/iPhone Settings.  As an example, by default Apple includes “omw” which will bring up “On my Way!”

To create your own, go to: Settings > General > Keyboard


> Text Replacement 

ImageTap + [plus sign – upper right]

Then enter the PHRASE you want [I use this mainly for my various email addresses and URLs to which I refer] and

then type in a SHORTCUT – the easy-to-remember letters and/or symbols you choose. Note “hb” in the image above. It has the full birthday message I commonly use on Facebook and in emails and messages.
ImageKeep the shortcuts simple so you can easily remember what you chose. It’s not the same “secrecy” as needed for passwords which you don’t want other people to have. This is simply between you and your phone or iPad.

The shortcuts/letters and symbols will be picked up in any program in which you type on your iPhone or iPad. Simply type in your shortcut and the full phrase will appear. Tap “Return” for it to enter the space you wish.

I was also reminded that a couple of years ago this feature/benefit was pointed out as possible for computers too.  I never got into the practice and will soon Google for instructions and start implementing that also.

Please add your comments in the REPLY section below.  Are you using shortcuts? If so how… for what most commonly used activities?

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