Video Using iPhone Facing Either Direction in a Stand

iphone-stand-100w-facinginI do get excited with the “little” things in life.  I recently posted how delighted I was using my new iPhone stand.

Today, I had another eye-opening, “of-course,” discovery. When my iPhone is on the solid, mini stand I have for it, it still can photograph or video in either direction.  Since the camera lens is on the side of the phone, the stand does not block it as it would a traditional camera where the lens is in the center. I’d been looking at it, and operating, from a past frame of reference.

Whole new possibilities are now open for me in relation to videoing tutorials for Technology for Seniors Made Easy, as well as other things I’d like to record with a steady hand,

How about you? What kinds of iPhone discoveries have you made recently?  What most excites you with your iPhone?

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