My Technology Story

Note: The video below is a simulated piece of a presentation done for the event described below.  You will hear me thank Tony [Newton] for the introduction and then speak addressing a live audience.  You will not actually hear Tony’s introduction.

Technology for Empowerment and Making Connections – My  Story

Entitled “Using Technology Your New Connection to Source, Master the Power of Being Open to the New!“, above is my long-distance Video Presentation for the Divine Wholeness “Celebrate Humanity” Global Event Festival and Concert held in Inglewood, California on Sunday, December 16, 2012.  In addition to this site, Technology for Seniors Made Easy, other sites I mentioned are, and

Banana Sky DVD, first mentioned in the video –
Using my camera, shifting focus, alleviated some of the anger I was experienced with the effects Parkinson’s Disease was having on my beloved husband. Photographing a rapidly growing banana plant, then playing the uploaded photos as a slideshow on my Macintosh computer provided a much appreciated respite.

I, thus took it further so other caregivers could also experience the same, on-demand, relaxing breaks.  Combining the photos with the healing music of Jeannie Fitzsimmons, I created BANANA SKY DVD, using the iDVD software technology on my Mac.

After I got a PC laptop I was able to take advantage of the technology provided by Kunaki to produce and sell BANANA SKY DVD, on demand, one at a time.  Prior to uploading the photography and music components, I used selected photos with Photoshop Elements to create the graphics for the cover, inserts and disk label.  See BANANA SKY DVD  for one-minute preview and testimonials or go right to the order page.  To see the graphics, click on “Rotate Case” at the top left of the latter  page.

My start of really getting entrenched in more photography for self-expression and the art of it in 1995 when I took over 3000 photos of a beach restoration in the Laurence Harbor section of Old Bridge, NJ where I lived. See History.  All of these were taken with a 35 mm Pentax camera.

That experience got me into the practice of regularly using my camera wherever I was, particularly when in Nature. Given we were in a time period of very inexpensive color printing services offered in my local pharmacy and supermarkets, I did not bother with any printing on my own. Thus I did not have a color printer.

The  purchase of a color printer and scanner in 2000 led to one of my first ventures with technology beyond using the camera. Without reading any manuals, I immediately started playing with scanning in some of the 3″ X 5″ photos which I enlarged to approx. 8″ X 10″; then printed a few out.  Always responding to texture and drawing, I got some matte photo paper and went on to hand-drawing with fine-line permanent markers on the lines which attracted me in/on the photos.

Thus my photo/drawing art developed, leading to the desire for a website to share what I was doing. A connection made at an Omega Workshop led to my introduction to Rebecca Collins, Artist/Designer, in Texas who set-up my first website The orange cone flowers on the left is a piece of the large photo/drawing print on canvas.  Paper print is available in Large Prints.

My first digital camera, a Fuji point-and-shoot, was not purchased until early 2003. Ten years later I still photograph with a point-and-shoot camera only.