Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy with Computer Questions?

Are they constantly interrupting you when you’re in the middle of something important, demanding help with their:

        • Computer
        • Phones
        • Cameras
        • iPads/Tablets
        • Using the Internet

Your parents are smart, intelligent people. After all, they successfully raised you.

So why are they having so much trouble with the iPad you gave them? Or learning how to text, find information on the Internet or use Skpe?

Now YOU can help your parents...with a gift that will transform their lives -- and YOURS!

Technology for Seniors Made Easy offers one-on-one coaching sessions that can help solve every problem your parents have probably asked about...

      • Email ... how to use it so they can communicate with friends or family, subscribe to favorite publications, get important notifications

      • The Internet …. how to get online without getting scammed, place orders securely, find medical or financial information, watch movies and videos for recreation and learning, even use it for a new business...

      • Facebook or other Social Media… how to share photos, special events, high school reunions, family activities, discover private special interest groups they'd like to join...

      • Or any other equipment they don't know how to use ...
        like an iPad or other tablet, laptop, desktop, iPhone, other smart phones, even cameras.

    So you don't have to calm their confusion or patiently talk them through doing something while you're at work...with the kids... driving... or simply busy with your own life.

    Ina Ruth Ames
    “Technology for Seniors Made Easy helped me cut through the confusion. The teaching skills are excellent.

    I got stuck on web pages trying to make a purchase. Now I can easily navigate through the whole process.

    Sometimes Facebook presents challenges for me. Thanks to lessons from Technology for Seniors Made Easy, I am able to use it to make connections quickly, easily and securely.

    I learned to how to upload pictures of my grandson to share with friends whose photos I am also able to enjoy on Facebook.

    These lessons are priceless. I'm a smart, logical woman. But there were times I couldn't figure out the Internet until I got one-to-one coaching with Technology for Seniors Made Easy."

    Ina Ruth Ames –

Here’s how the coaching works:

  • I TALK to your parent or loved one... by phone for 15 minutes to determine their exact needs.

  • Then I teach your parents precisely what they want to know with up to 8 one-hour phone calls.

  • If they have more questions, between sessions, they can email me and get a guaranteed reply within 24 hours.

  • I record each lesson so they can click and listen to the lesson again.

  • I ALSO provide FREE Videos and Screen Shots to reinforce what they learned during each lesson.

Your parent or loved one gets all the answers they need--and gains a terrific feeling of pride and satisfaction in the process.

Because Technology for Seniors Made Easy is a new program, I have put together a limited-time, very special offer that will make these lessons the best gift you've ever given to someone you love so much.

Treat your parent or loved one to up to 8 hours of one-to-one coaching right now -- and save over 40% on my usual hourly fee... All I ask is for you to give me your honest feedback within the next 30 days.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

After your parent has had their lessons, I will send you a short survey to fill out that will take you two minutes to answer.

Why? I need your help in learning how well the lessons worked.

If any aspect of the coaching needs to be fine-tuned for seniors, your feedback will allow me to make adjustments.

Everyone has a different style of learning. Your feedback will help me make sure I deliver every possible learning method a senior needs.

It's a Great Gift Idea for Mom or Dad!!
(and for YOU)

Special Discounted Rate - Limited Time Offer

Reserve Yours NOW!

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Here's How Other Seniors Have Learned to Get the Answers They Need -

marifran korb

“Technology for Seniors Made Easy has saved me from disaster on my website and blog.

The coaching expertise gave me the perfect tips I needed to open my life to new vistas.

I’d gone into technology kickin’ and screamin’. Technology for Seniors Made Easy has inspired me to expand my mind and tackle projects I couldn't have done before."

Marifran Korb -


morgine jurdan

“Since following Technology for Seniors Made Easy, I’ve learned how to:

access my gmail account
which had been created by my local phone company over a year ago.

  • video chat on Facebook!! Never knew it was there!

  • find things on Facebook and set up desired options under my Settings tab!

  • send Voice Emails with my Evernote program. I rarely used it! Now I am using it all the time to save things from the Internet thanks to YOU!

I can hardly wait for your next tip, BECAUSE you make my life so much EASIER!!

I have MORE Free Time now, not having to struggle with all these little details that used to drive me crazy!!

After a coaching session with you, some people will feel on the top of the world, overflowing with Confidence instead of struggling with technology!

Morgine Jurdan, Celebrating Love’s Magic


Sheila Krichman
“I got an iPad after I bought my new desktop computer. I thought it would be a snap to use. But it became a dust gatherer...

Technology for Seniors Made Easy helped me to start using my iPad to watch movies right in front of my eyes.

The lessons taught me how to enter all my Email accounts with the Settings icon

I even learned how to take great pictures with it when I went to a business conference.

I had no idea how much I could do with my iPad or my desktop computer until Technology for Seniors Made Easy showed me how powerful and helpful my devices really are.

There’s no point having a great tool if you don’t know to use it properly. The lessons are worth more than I paid for them!"

Sheila Krichman - Delray Beach, FL

Reserve Your Gift Package NOW!

For Peace of Mind with your
Parent and Technology -- Guaranteed!

Click here to order technology coaching for parent
choose one of the 3 great coaching options
for as little as $55 -
(detailed BELOW)

Who is Technology for Seniors Made Easy?

Sheila Finkelstein photograph

I am a 73 year-old grandmother known as “Tech Savvy” Sheila Finkelstein, whose “kids” (educators and business people) often come to me for “how-to’s.”

My own in-depth journey into technology started with, Nature’s, my first website in 2004.

Since then I’ve developed a wide range of knowledge of working on the web to do what needs to be done accomplish simple end goals.

Currently I have 8 active websites, 2 blogs and 3 YouTube channels, as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr accounts.

Always looking for the ‘easy’ way myself, I know just what fearful seniors need to feel comfortable.

As a former teacher and current life coach, I’ve had years of experience in honing my communication skills – the very skills that are so handy in helping seniors have fun while learning how to thrive in the age of technology.

First, I “tune in” to each individual's needs to discover just what is important to them.

Then, I set up simple, step-by-step instructions to solve their problems.

I know that some seniors feel overwhelmed when they look at their computers, smart phones or tablets.

It is my PASSION to make Technology EASY for ALL SENIORS.

If you want to help your beloved parent
get All the Answers They Need

--- Quickly, Safely and Easily ---

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My Normal Rate for Relationship Coaching is $150/hour

Save over $800 - Eight Weeks - 8 One Hour sessions each week - only $357 (Best Offer) includes lessons, free audios, free videos, screen shots, PLUS email in between sessions

Save over $400 - Four Weeks - 4 One Hour
each week - only $197
includes lessons, free audios, free videos, screen shots, PLUS email in between sessions
Save over over $70 - One hour
session - only $55
includes lessons, free audios, free videos and screen shots

Each of the Above Includes an Additional Preliminary 15-Minute Phone Call with your parent, or loved one, to determine what's most wanted and needed.

There are NO LONG Distance charges to worry about

NO hassles at all

Your parent just needs a telephone and Internet connection -- that's it and basic understanding of how to get on the computer.

You'll be so glad you choose this coaching for your parent. It's the perfect gift -- and it will only be available for a limited time at these rates.


100% satisfaction guaranteed – A full refund up to 30 days after the scheduled time ends, as long as all appointments are made and kept.

I am so sure that your Mom or Dad will be more confident after they get the the coaching you choose for them...

I will refund your money, in full, no questions asked, if they don't feel they’ve learned what to do, or gotten the answers to their questions, after I coach them.

It works for your parents and it works for you. What could be better? Or easier?

Click here to order technology coaching for parent

for the best gift you'll ever give!

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