How to Video Chat on Facebook

If you have a built-in camera in your computer or a webcam, you can Video Chat on Facebook. They can see and hear you and vice-versa.  There are two different ways you can open Video Chat.

Before this happens, you will need to have done a one-time download of the CHAT. Once you click on CALL, if your Friend has not done so with someone else, he/she will receive a message to download software.  See the end of this post for pictures of what that process will look like.

In order to initiate the Video Chat, the person with whom you want to chat must have their Facebook page open.  Then when you are on any of your pages go to the bottom of the page.  On the lower right you’ll see CHAT.

Facebook page pinting to Chat

Click on CHAT. A partial list of your Friends will open.  Anyone who has  a green dot to the right of their name is presumably on Facebook at the time you are looking at the list. Of course it is possible that they have walked away from their computer leaving the page open.

Facebook friends on chat

To proceed, click on your desired Friend’s name and a window will open.

Facebook Message box To initiate Text Chat, simply type in the box at the bottom to the left of the smile face.

For Video Chat, click on the camera icon to the right of the name.  Your friend will then get a message asking if they want to accept the call.

You will see the following:

Facebook Message waiting for Suzanne to take call




The second way of initiating Video Chat –  Go to your Friend’s page.

Calling Facebook friend from Timeline

If your Friend’s Facebook page is open, you will see both the Call and Message options. Click on CALL for Video Chat.


Click on INSTALL

on WINDOWS you will see:

Follow the instructions, after which you should be able to make or receive video calls..


you will see first one, then the other image below. The download probably went to you desktop. Find it and click OK for each.

You should now be able to Video Chat with your friends and family on Facebook thanks to Skype technology and partnership with Facebook.

Have fun.


How to Video Chat on Facebook — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Sheila. Even though I use Facebook all the time and the chat feature, I didn’t know I could do a video chat. If you don’t mind, I would like to mention this post on my blog and send people over for your very detailed instructions.

    • ABSOLUTELY, Carol!!! You certainly may link to this post. I’m so glad that you learned something new and feel honored that you want to share the information. And, thank you for asking.

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