Using This Site

A series of short videos on How to use the Technology for Seniors Made Easy website, as well as websites in general.

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Suggestion before Viewing these Videos – If you are new to watching YouTube videos and not familiar with using the different control buttons, check out my post on How to Use Control Buttons on YouTube Videos. It might help you to enlarge the videos below to watch them full screen.  Instructions for that are on the Using the different control icons.

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Video 1 – An Overview of the Features of Technology for Seniors Made Easy website  – Pointed out are the location of the website address (URL or domain name), the menu or navigation bar, the side bar, search box, sign up opportunities, link with email address to send questions

Video 2 – The Pages Links in the Menu (Navigation Bar) – Using this Site shown as an example.  Click on arrow to play on site or to see it large click on YouTube link in lower right of the image.

Video 3 – Where and how to do a Search for Topic or Word of your interest on this Technology for Seniors Made Easy website.

Video 4How to Use Opt-In Box to receive Quick Tech Tips for Seniors, or other offers, on Web Pages for free information, newsletters (ezines), teleconferences and more.

Video 5 – Overview of blog page and posts. How to Make Comments on Blog Posts and get notified (optional) of other readers’ comments.

Video 6Blog Posts Archives – Subscribe to Email Notification of New Posts.  The archives in lower right section of the sidebar explained. Also, demonstration of how to subscribe to notification of new blog posts, the link under Subscribe in the sidebar on the right.