Keyboard Shortcuts for Managing Gmail

A few months ago I was having some hand and arm pain on my right side. Working with the mouse in particular was a strain.  It was only after a few days that I remembered,  “Sheila, there are mail shortcuts you can be using to open, reply and send mail. You even have written about them!! Check your site if you’ve forgotten!”
Since they vary slightly between mail on PC and Mac, rather than detail them here, I refer you to an earlier post here on the blog.
To update – Since so many are now using Gmail, I went on a search to see if there are keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.  And so there are!!!Instructions follow:

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Duck Duck Go for Web Search and Link Shortening, plus Using Evernote Web Clipper

I was recently reminded of Duck Duck Go, the search engine that does not “cookie”, track or keep records of your searches. I suggest you check out, especially if you don’t like seeing ads for things related to products and services for which you may have searched.

In the images below, note the nice clean appearance… the difference in looks between a page showing results of a Google search compared with a DuckDuckGo search.

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How to Easily Save Voice Recordings and Photos using Evernote

Today, were he still alive, my beloved, late-husband Sam and I would have been celebrating 54 wonderful years. Thus, in today’s tutorial, I am including a photo of us celebrating our 45th anniversary at a surprise party that our children and grandchidren gave for us.

I’m blessed to have beautiful written messages from Sam over the years AND one of the things I MISS, is something I could easily have had… HIS VOICE.  For demo purposes, the screen shot below is a note  I created that looks like one I could have made while he was alive.

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How to Chat Easily on Facebook – Open Message Space to Full Screen

Facebook Message Button One of the things I appreciate about Facebook is how easy it is to connect with many of my friends in message. I’ll often get the fastest response there.

And there are times that I love being able to have a few conversations going at the same time using the “Message” tool.

Usually a box opens on the lower right with a space to type in your message. In the case of the image below, I was already in a chat which you can see had a lot going on in it.

The simplest way to read a message, as well as what we are writing is to open up the window that shows the “full conversation.” The messaging then opens in a full column width. To do this: Continue reading

How to Share Posts Made on Your Facebook Fan Page

I just received a query from someone with a new Fan Page on Facebook. She was frustrated because she could not Share posts that were made to it by other people.

A quick investigation, which is play for me, came up with the answers.

First, to manage you page select your Page Identity from  the Dropdown menu by clicking on the arrow in the upper right.Facebook Fan Page Identity Then choose the Settings you wish, including the one to allow posts to your page. Continue reading

Giving an iPad as a Gift to Seniors – Information They Must Have

In the process of interviewing iPad using Seniors for my upcoming Kindle book, I spoke to someone recently who barely had a clue on how to use his iPad. And, he was not the first one I’ve encountered in this situation.  I’ve met and spoken to a few Seniors who received an iPad as a gift from a son, daughter or other relative and weren’t even sure why they received it.  It is a great and generous gift and if they are left with an iPad that’s set up and they don’t know what to do with it, it becomes almost pointless.

After the interview, I decided to create this MUST DO TIP LIST to consider when presenting an iPad gift to a senior.  You can download the list itself, without the images, at iPad Set-Up Tips. I also visited my YouTube channel and found that most of it is covered in a series of 8 very short, simple-to-follow videos. Fortunately I’d had the foresight to document what I did when I first opened my own iPad that I had gifted to myself!! ipad-ipad-set-up-8videos

Must Cover Information to Make Certain The Gift Recipient Understands his or her iPad.
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Holiday Celebrations with Widespread Family and Friends in Many Locations

With the Easter holiday almost here and Passover continuing through Tuesday night, I’m reminded of one of the reasons I am so passionate about seniors being comfortable with using basic technology on their cameras, tablets or computers. It is so easy today to connect family and friends who are in many different locations, sometimes throughout the world.

My personal preference is to use, an easy, one-time download, to connect with one another by computer, iPhone, iPad or other Android phone or tablet for seeing one another, sharing celebrations. If no electronic devices are available, you can even use a mobile or land line phone to call in.

One of the things that makes this program extra special from my perspective is that you can record your conversations, gatherings, events… whatever is shared and you’ll be preserving the memories for whomever/whenever in both video and audio!

Screen shot 2014-04-19 at 3.43.53 PMScreen shot 2014-04-19 at 3.45.56 PM On this past Christmas day, my cousins gathered from nine different locations, including at an airport, as well as by phone from India. We were together for over an hour. Continue reading

Use Phone, Camera, or Computer Video for Celebration and Preservation of Special Occasions

One of the main things I am committed to in my Technology for Seniors Made Easy business is that people be able to easily use technology so that they can connect with one another, including actually seeing people important to them.

I have written here blog, in the past about using the phone and video to preserve memories. I was really moved the other day to received the following message for a friend, with this video attached.  I have regularly been using my iPhone and sometimes Photo Booth in my Mac to send birthday and anniversary greetings to friends and family members. And my friend went all out in this video to her mother on the latter’s 91st birthday.

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