How to Add Home Screen Icons on iPad and iPhone Home for Favorite Sites

iPad Home Screen App Added(Above image shows link on my iPad to the Home Page of this site)

Do you ever wish, when your using your iPad or iPhone, that you could quickly get to your most frequently used websites and pages?

Recently I was asked, “How can I get an icon on my iPad desktop?”  I had never thought about it. Always curious, I immediately went on an investigative tour of my iPad and then my iPhone. I found the answer was “Yes” AND it was soooo easy.

Send to icon on iPad

The “share” or “send-to” icon (see #1 in the image above) is the way to easily send photos, notes and links to web pages gives far more choices than I had paid attention to.  I’d only been using it for mailing or messaging photos and web page links to myself and friends.

As I looked more closely on my discovery journey, I notice the “Add to Home Screen” choice (#2 in image above) in the bottom row. And, so I did. To my amazement, it was instantly on my home screen!

When you’re on a web page, you’ll find the “share” icon (rectangle with vertical arrow pointing up) at the top of the page. For Photos and
Notes (if you use this application) the icon is in the bottom left corner of the page.

ADDED NOTE:  When it comes to the share choices in the top row, I personally prefer not to use send to Twitter or Facebook from applications where they ask if they can access our files and contacts.  I do all my posting on those sites directly from my computer, iPhone or iPad.

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