In the Works – a definition, explanation, of the language used on the web, as well as referring to your computers and any of the personal electronic devices seniors are using.

Browser – That which we use to get to the Internet to open web pages.  The most commonly used browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari (the default one that comes with MacIntosh products) and Internet Explorer (the default one that comes with Windows computers)

URL – The commonly used term to denote a website address, e.g.  Each website has its own unique address. It’s also known as the domain name.

For a long time period it was necessary to enter both http://   and www. when typing a URL into the address space.  Now most web browser will automatically enter it for you. It’s sufficient to simply type in the / [.org] / [.net] / [or other extension].  URL is the abbreviation for Universal Resource Locator.