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Spontaneous Videos and Why I purchased the iPhone

Sparked by following the iPhone photos of former National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones on Facebook, I finally decided I wanted this camera also.  I now love the video aspect of it also.

It’s a way of sharing and furthering connections with family and friends. What fun to video the ocean movement and video it to a land-locked friend in the States or anywhere in the world.

You can spontaneously record using Voice Memo to remember something later, even to record someone else giving me travel directions.

I also use the Voice Option on Evernote for this, an application which synchronizes with itself on my iMac and my PC. See Recording, Categorizing and Storing on Evernote for my post on the how-to-use  the recording aspect of this program.


Having fun – Used the iPhone video to record the surgeon explaining her process and closing the incision after Mohs surgery on my face. I was thus also able to have a record of the post-operative medical instructions.

Instant access to information – Find out the Why and How of questions that come up in conversations. Also Using the Phone on the Go for theater times, movie reviews, restaurant menus, locations, whatever else you would use the internet for if home.

Using an iPhone Easel or Stand, as referred to by some, keeps the camera steady when videoing or even taking still photos.  In this video I mention also how to maintain eye contact while photographing and videoing. See Creating Self-Videos on Your iPhone

Easel/Stand Holding the iPhone as Described in VideoiPhone in Easel - Stand

The particular iPhone/iPad easel/stand I used is shown above. Note the hard Otter Box case to which I refer in the video.


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