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– Kickstart Guide to Using Evernote –
Contents of PDFs and Videos
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Easy to Follow Answers to All Your Basic Questions


2 – BASICS OF EVERNOTE – 38 pages How to:

  • Sign Up with Evernote
  • Download the Evernote program
  • Add a Note
  • Add a Note with an Android device
  • Add a Note with an iPad
  • Delete a Note
  • Add a Notebook or Notebook Stack
  • Tag and Sub-Tag
  • Use Shortcuts

3 – WHAT TO PUT IN EVERNOTE – 31 pages How to:

  • Install and Using the Web Clipper
  • Email Directly to Evernote
  • Use the Camera to Add an Image to Evernote
  • Record Audio to Add to a Note
  • Add a Photo to a Note
  • Create a Webcam Note
  • Create an Ink Note – in Windows only
  • Search Notes

4 – MORE EVERNOTE POWER – 16 Pages How to:

  • Include Evernote in Your Google Search Results
  • Search Notes by Creation Location
  • Share Notes and Notebooks
  • Go Premium and What’s in the Trunk?
  • Resources

plus 6 VIDEOS

Getting Started with Evernote – 7:04 minutes
Add Multimedia to Evernote Notes – 4:52 minutes
How to Search Evernote – 2:25 minutes
How to Use the Evernote Web Clipper – 6:41 minutes
How to Share Evernote Notes – 3:05 minutes
How to Email to Evernote – 2:46 minutes

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