iPads in Airport Restaurant

Almost daily, I hear about another creative, and sometimes necessary, use of technology.  Just the other day my friend Terry shared an exciting experience she had at a restaurant in an airport.  There was a weather delay, so it added to her pleasure to land up in a restaurant

where every table had an iPad!!!

Terry in Restaurant with iPads

Not only were the iPads there for the patrons general use, they served as the “waiters,” offering the menu, taking food and beverage selections. The final step to placing orders is swiping your credit car on the machine attached to the table.

While waiting for her food to be brought to her, Terry was able to surf the internet or play games!

Would you have been as excited as Terry if you had sat down in this restaurant?


iPads in Airport Restaurant — 2 Comments

  1. I would love that restaurant!!
    Although when I’m eating alone at the mall, I’m pretty much staring at my iPhone anyway. This is such a great idea since it encourages probably more orders.

    I’ve gone to restaurants where they had iPads to show what the food looked like, but this is taking it to a whole notha level! Thanks for sharing this post!

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