How to Search for a Word or Phrase in a Document on PCs and MacIntosh Computers

Did you ever find yourself wanting to correct or replace a word, or phrase, that you’ve used more than once in a Word document?  You go searching through the pages, hoping that your eyes caught them all.  You’re pretty sure you have and you may still be left with some doubts.

Well, there is an easy cure for that anxiety.  It’s simply to use the “Find” or Search feature within your computer. First, open your document and click on the Edit link in the tool bar.  Or you can use the keyboard shortcut, the Control Key plus the letter “f” on a PC or the Command Key, plus the letter “f” on a Mac.

To make replacement changes, when you find the word remember to highlight it. Then use Control or Command “x” to delete it. Next edit what’s there or type in your new word.

Finally, when you are satisfied that you have the word or phrase you wish, highlight and “Copy” that (Control or Command “c”) Then Paste it over the one you wish to replace.

Find in a Word Document on PC

 When you click on Control f to search for words or phrases in a document a pop-up window opens up.

Note: If the document above looks slightly different from yours, I use Open Office, a Free program, on my PC. It has the same features as Word and is compatible with it.

On Your MacIntosh Computer
Find in a Document on a Mac

Command f, i.e. Find, in a Word Document on a Mac brings up a pop-up window for you to type in your desired search word(s).

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