How to Search for a Word or Phrase on a Web Page

NOTE – Pages from different Web Browsers are shown here. Scroll down to see examples on the computer and the browser you use.

Despite my presence on the Web for many years, AND the fact that it’s always been on the Edit Menu, it was only recently I woke up to the search or “Find” option and command on web pages, documents, and PDFs.  I was looking a web page directory with a listing of recorded phone calls. There was a summary of each call on the very long page. Someone pointed out that we could search specific topics simply by clicking on the Control Key, plus the letter “f” (on a PC) or the Command Key, plus “f” (on a MacIntosh computer). What a revelation for me!

Below are screen shots of where you will find the spaces to type in your desired word on three of the browsers most commonly used.

On Your PC
“Find” in Internet Explorer on a PC

When on a page in Internet Explorer on a PC, clicking on Control key plus “f” brings up a FIND section under the address bar top left. Once you type in the word or words for which you are searching open, your selected word(s) that are on the page will be highlighted in blue.

“Find” in Firefox on PC

In Firefox the Find space that opens up is on the lower left.

“Find” in Google Chrome on the PC

In the Google Chrome Internet Browser, Control plus f brings up a blank rectangle in the upper right, with NO identifying name.   Yet, it is waiting there for you to type in your desired search word or phrase.  Then you’ll note, the first of the words on the page is highlighted in orange. Scroll down the page to check for others, highlighted in yellow.

On a Mac
“Find”  in Safari

In Safari on a Mac, Command f, brings up the Find space in the top right of the page, under the URL bar.  The word(s) you searched for get highlighted in yellow. Clicking on the Return key, takes you through to the next words.

“Find” on Firefox on a Mac

In Firefox on the Mac, Command f opens the find box in the lower left corner of your page. Click on Next or Previous, links after the Search space.

Note –  “Find” highlights all requested words that are in text form in the body of the page, comments (if a blog) and any text menu listings on the page.  It will NOT “see” words that are part of an Image, i.e. a photograph with words within.  Examples of the latter, where the words will not be seen, are in the right sidebar in the above pages.

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