iPhone Tip – Create Shortcuts for Frequently Used Long Phrases

For months I’ve been tapping each letter individually anytime I wanted to put http://TechnologyforSeniorsMadeEasy.com in a message and…

I just discovered there is a far simpler wayShortcutsNow I type in “tss”, an arbitrary code (shortcut), and the full URL comes up. I’ve also created “tsb”, for the full URL for the blog – TechnologyforSeniorsMadeEasy.com/blog.

iPhone settings icon


To create your own shortcuts, find and tap on the Settings Icon on your iPhone.

Then, open Settings. Tap General, then Keyboard, as shown below.

Settings Menu on iPhone

iPhone keyboard setting






Make sure the Add Shortcut control button is ON. Then scroll down to “Add New Shortcut.” iPhone shows “omw” = “On my way!” as an example.

Add Shortcut Menu on iPhone

Keyboard to Name Long phrase and create shortcut







Tap on “Add New Shortcut”. In the window that opens, type in the phrase for which you are creating a shortcut. Then create the “label”, the short letter combo, you’ll remember.

When that’s done, tap on SAVE in the upper right.  Now, any time you type in the shortcut letter combo you created, the longer phrase or URL will appear.  Tapping on “Return” will enter it into the note, email, text message, or wherever else you might place it.

Enjoy the added minutes and, ultimately, hours you’ll be accumulating.

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